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decompression FAQs

Is it safe?

Is it painful?

Will it work?

How many times

will I have to come?

Yes.  The decompression is produced by a FDA approved, computer-controlled device using forces that are usually about 50%-65% of the patient's body weight, and therefore well within safe limits.

No. Decompression force is always set within the patient's pain tolerance. In fact, most patient's comment that it "feels good." There are cases where patients are sore after the treatment. This is usually temporary, and is a result of the necessary healing process. In the rare case that a patient is sore after treatment, this discomfort typically reduces with continued treatment and tissue healing.

Individual results vary based on the severity of each patient's condition, however, decompression is effective in about 84% of patients.

Usually about 15 sessions are required to produce the desired results. Accomplishing the distractions in a relatively short period of time is important to appropriately heal the injured disc. This may mean that treatments are done 5 days a week for 3 weeks. This may seem frequent, but is sometimes necessary to produce the optimal results.

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